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Samsung Printers Receive Four iF Design Awards

20 April 2015 - Samsung Electronics printers and Multi-function Printers (MFP) were today recognised for their design prowess, receiving four iF Design Awards, including one Gold Award. The award-winning products were the MultiXpress 4 (MX4), MultiXpress 7 (MX7), M5370 and the M45.

The iF Design Award is an international design competition hosted by the International Forum Design in Germany. First held in 1953, the iF Design Award is one of the world’s three major design awards along with the Red Dot Design Award and the IDEA Award. The awards are categorised into five groups: product design, communication design packaging design, interior architecture and professional concept. International expert juries gather to carefully evaluate and analyse all the submitted products according to design, appropriate use of material and innovation. Among 4,615 entries, the top 75 products are awarded the Gold Award.

The MX4 led the way with a Gold Award that recognises not only the unit’s outstanding design but also excellence in creating the industry’s first integrated design identity. Designed specifically to enhance user experience, the MX4 provides simple and fast usability by replacing complex feature buttons with an integrated 10.1-inch tablet and our highly acclaimed Smart UI.

“We are always looking for ways to design printers that can enhance user experience and value, and we are thrilled to have our work recognised by the prestigious iF Design Awards,” said Seungwook Jeong, Principal Designer of Printing Design Group at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung is the first in the printing industry to receive iF Gold Awards for both A4 and A3 printers, both of which were based on the company’s design identity of a cohesive concept that combines innovation with value.”

The MX7, M5370 and the M45 series were also awarded an iF Product Design Award for their integrated and timeless designs.

Integrated Design Identity
Since the release of the CLP-415 and CLX-4195 series in 2013, both of which won Gold iF Awards, Samsung has created an integrated design identity and implemented it across our printer line-up.

The pioneering design concept splits the interface and the box, and represents Samsung’s back-to-basics idea of keeping it simple, clean and timeless. To keep the design sleek and organised, the upper interface and lower storage are separated. The upper interface portion has an organic design with a smooth look and feel, while the lower engine and storage section completes the overall look with a simple and clean shape.

The goal of the design process was to put the end user first, providing both value and long term reliability while also considering usability and ergonomics. The signature colour scheme includes a unique combination of warm and cool colour tones, adding sophistication to the otherwise dull achromatic colours. The ebony brown interface and light grey storage colour combination matches the latest office trends of using warm tones for the office environment.

“The integrated design provides higher value through shape, colour, and usability,” said Jeong. “We were able to be creative in utilising the latest in ergonomic design concepts, and we will continue to use this as the core of our mid- to long term design strategy.”

He added, “We understand the need to have streamlined printer operations in the office, and continue to discover new methods in design and integrated technological innovation within their office products.”