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6 cool things you can do with the new Samsung Smart mfp's

Samsung’s range of Smart MultiXpress printers include a 10.1-inch Android-powered touchscreen. It’s like your tablet and printer had a love child and it’s shaking up the way people use their multifunction devices.

The combination lets people in schools, hospital and offices everywhere do new things with their printer and, perhaps more importantly, it lets them do old things in new, more-efficient ways.

Customise the user interface

If you’ve ever used a smartphone, you know how to use this multi-function device too. People can control the printer with finger taps, swipes and zooms. But it goes beyond a simple interface: press and hold an icon to move it around the home screen or delete it altogether. Tap the ‘apps’ icon and you can add new icons and widgets, such as a clock or new printing features to the home screen. All the functions of the printer itself are widgets and app icons themselves so everything about the printer user interface is customisable.

Add your own Android apps

Like any Android-powered device, you can install your own applications from an app store or by side-loading them directly to the device (in the case of custom-built apps). This lets organisations expand the capabilities of their printers, for example by integrating them into business systems such as finance, ERP or CRM applications. Imagine, for example, scanning a document straight into a CRM opportunity or printing a delivery note from an ERP application. Existing Android apps should also work well letting your print and scan directly.

Use admin powers to manage features

With great flexibility comes great control. Admins and IT departments can, of course, lock down Smart MultiXpress devices to prevent some or all users installing apps or customising the printers. Or they can allow users access to certain features but not others on a case by case basis. These settings can be cloned from printer to printer to make set up easier.

Print from any web page

Often, users just want to print off a web page. It could be a page from a web app, such as a webmail program or just some information from website, such as a client’s address. With the Android-powered user interface, users can type in a website address and use the on-screen browser to find the information they want and print it. No need for a separate computer – the browser’s built right in.

Connect to cloud storage

Using the Cloud Connect app, users can link the multi-function device to cloud storage services including Google Drive and Dropbox so it’s simple to upload scans directly to the cloud or download documents for printing. Users log into the printer so it can store different credentials for different users.

Log in using a smartphone

With the optional NFC reader, staff can use a suitably-equipped smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 to log in and activate their account on the printer. This opens up all their pre-registered online storage accounts and configures the printer user interface for their preferences and settings. It’s instant, secure access to a personalised printer.