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Sharpdesk Mobile

Sharp Mobile Print and Scan Solution for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Hassle-free Printing 
Connect to a Wi-Fi network, select a document, preview and print directly to a supported Sharp MFP from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.   

Simplified Scanning
Scan hard-copy documents to PDF for easy access by simply scanning from a Sharp MFP to your mobile device. Your mobile device’s profile can be stored as a “scan-to” location on the MFP for easy access

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Features At-a-Glance:



  • Conveniently print PDF, JPEG & TIFF files from your iPhone, iPad or Android device to a supported Sharp MFP
  • Print files from other supported mobile applications
  • Easily print email attachments from your supported mobile device

Scan & Share

  • Scan and save files from a supported MFP to your iPhone, iPad or Android device
  • Quickly email scanned files from your supported mobile device
  • Share scanned files with other supported mobile applications


  • Available at no cost on the Apple App Store and Android market
  • Automatically discover and connect to a supported Sharp MFP
  • Manually add a supported Sharp MFP
  • No driver installations 


upported Sharp MFPs*

A3 Colour MFPs:

  • MX-2010U / MX-2310U/ MX-2314N / MX-2614N / MX-2610N / MX-2640N / MX-3111U / MX-3114N / MX-3110N / MX-3140N / MX-3610N / MX-3640N / MX-4112N / MX-5112N / MX-6240N / MX-7040N

A3 B&W MFPs:

  • MX-M264N / MX-M282N / MX-M283N / MX-M314N / MX-M354N / MX-M362N / MX-M363N / MX-M452N / MX-M453N / MX-M502N / MX-M503N / MX-M623N / MX-M753N / MX-M904 / MX-M1054 / MX-M1204

A4 Colour MFPs & Printers:

  • MX-C310 / MX-C311 / MX-C312 / MX-C380 / MX-C381 / MX-C382SC / MX-C380P

A4 B&W MFPs & Printers:

  • MX-B382 / MX-B382SC


Additional Required Options

  • MX-PB14 Printer Expansion Kit is required to print from MX-2010U/MX-2310U/MX-3111U. MX-2010U requires Hard Disk Expansion Kit to install this option.
  • MX-PK11 PostScript® 3 Expansion Kit is required to print PDFs from MX-2010U/MX-2310U/MX-2314N/MX-3111U/MX-2614N/MX-3114N//MX-2610NMX-3110N/MX-3610N/MX-4112N/MX-5112N/MX-M264N/MX-M314N/MX-M354N/MX-M282N/MX-M362N/MX-M452N/MX-M502N/MX-M283N/MX-M363N/MX-M453N/MX-M503N/MX-M623N/MX-M753N/MX-C310/MX-C380. MX-M264N/MX-M314N/MX-M354N require Hard Disk Expansion Kit to print encrypted PDF files from this application. 


Supported File Formats

  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • JPEG 

Supported Mobile Devices

  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad2 and 3rd generation iPad (iOS 4.3, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0)
  • Android device running Ver 2.3(2.3.x) and 4.0 (4.0.x)

*  Bonjour must be enabled to auto-discover supported MFPs