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Sharp Skywell 5TE Water Generator


Smart water for the smart business

Reduce your plastic usage and carbon footprint

Environmentally and socially responsible Environmental targets and social responsibility requirements are getting tougher to meet. The Skywell® 5TE is an easy way to lower your impact on the world. Unlike traditional water coolers, it doesn’t use large water bottles – reducing your carbon footprint on vehicle deliveries in addition to storage room requied. No longer will co-workers lift heavy bottles when the water cooler runs dry or carry individual bottles to the office every day – waving goodbye to single-use plastic. Reporting Thanks to the smart interactive technology of Skywell® 5TE, you can monitor the positive environmental impacts you make. This easy access to statistics is perfect for compiling company reports and press releases. Skywell water generator in Norwich, skywell water generator in norfolk, skywell water generator in Cambridge, skywell water generator, sharp water generator, skywell water generator in suffolk

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How does it work?

The Skywell 5TE takes in ambient air and collects moisture through condensation. Advanced monitoring technology, in combination with six filters, two ultraviolet lights and ozone treatment, ensures the purity of every drop of water. Plus, it’s continually monitored to guarantee high quality, clarity and flavour.

The Skywell atmospheric water generator requires suitable environmental conditions to generate water to optimal capacity. In areas of lower humidity or when low humidity occurs, which may affect water produced, it can be connected to a supplemental mains water source and water quality maintained through use of the filtration system.

Create clean and efficient hydration

The Skywell atmospheric water generator creates clean water from the air around us, reducing the use of pipes and plastics. Every drop of water is filtered, purified, tested and continuously monitored to ensure quality, clarity and flavour.